We're recruiting... Market / Channel Development Managers (x4)

18 May 2012 | General | Comments (0)

Due to our rapid expansion across the NHS and the Supply Market, we're looking to appoint 4 new Market / Channel Development Managers to work with both Buyers and Suppliers.

If you're interested, you can see more information and apply on LinkedIn:

Peto surpasses 175,000 products

23 April 2012 | General | Comments (0)

We're delighted to announce that we've exceeded our Qtr 1 target by 25,000 products.

In the 3 months since launch we've uploaded the equivalent number of products as 4 large Tesco stores. A big thank you to all those Buyers and Suppliers that have made this possible. 

We continue to upload products as a priority, so if you're looking for a particular Supplier, or Product, and can't find it let Peto know.

To view all 175,000 products, enter Peto Marketplace

NHS Supply Chain to put wound care categories on Peto

21 March 2012 | General | Comments (0)

NHS Supply Chain is working with Peto to put two initial wound care categories onto the Peto marketplace to test it as a means to providing procurement decision makers in the NHS with greater transparency, supporting the Public Accounts Committee recommendations.

Prior to NHS Supply Chain’s products being tested on Peto they are required to contact their relevant suppliers to confirm that NHS Supply Chain, on their behalf, is able put suppliers products onto the Peto marketplace. These products will be displayed as supplied via NHS Supply Chain and include all the value added benefits of purchasing through this route, such as no additional delivery cost with a consolidated delivery and invoice coupled with the reassurance of compliance to EU public procurement regulations.

We expect this process to take between four to six weeks and will keep you informed of progress on a regular basis.

Following is a copy of the letter sent 20th March 2012 by NHS Supply Chain, supported by the Department of Health, to Suppliers currently supplying dressings and pressure area care products to the NHS via NHS Supply Chain.

Click on the image to view the pdf.

NHS SC Letter to Suppliers

We will keep you posted on the progress of on boarding these Suppliers to Peto with regular ‘Marketplace Update’ and on the supplier adoption status.

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